Woodbay Turf Dethatcher Rake

FDS 9200 – 92” with four independent floating heads

FDS 6000 – 68” with three independent floating heads

FDS 4600 – 46” with two independent floating heads

De-thatch roughs, fairways, or fescue areas after mowing.  Also great for athletic fields, parks, and municipalities.  The FDS-9200 reduces thatch and allows water, air, and fertilizer to better penetrate the turf canopy.  Can also be used to scarify surfaces before seeding.  The FDS-9200 uses lightweight, flexible, spring-loaded tines and the 92" operating width makes big jobs go quickly. Easily mounted on a 3-point hitch and can dethatch a variety of contours with its four free-floating sections.  Hardened, vibrating steel tines are flexible enough to bend, not break, while effectively loosening thatch.