Soil Reliever Top Link

We Make Soil Reliever Top Links (SR48, SR54, SR70, SR72, SR75) 

Top Link is category 2 with a 2-1/2” bore and 10” stroke.  Purchase comes with the top link, hydraulic hoses and fittings installed, and one extender of your choice (short or long).  Extender selection is based on your tractors setup. 

Short Extender:  (tractor pin to SR pin centers)  21.5” when fully retracted, 31.5” when fully extended. 

Long Extender:  (tractor pin to SR pin centers)  24.5” when fully retracted, 34.5” when fully extended. 

$378.00/each + Freight from New Jersey

To order please contact:

Dennis 732-580-5516 or

Soil Reliever is a registered trademark of Southern Green, Inc.