Linear Root Pruning services for golf course turfgrass

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Double ā€˜Dā€™ Turf provides a fast, effective, and non-invasive root pruning service for turfgrass managers. This means there is no clean-up, dirt moving, seeding, or unsightly trench lines after the process. Our machine slices the earth and cuts all of the competitive feeder roots, not once, but twice. Cutting the roots twice (8-inches apart) is much more effective than a single slice to ensure the surface roots are terminated. None the less, severing roots will naturally stimulate new growth from the cut ends so root pruning should be repeated every two to three years.

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Why root prune?

Unlike sinker roots and taproots, shallower horizontal roots (feeder/surface roots) of mature trees usually extend 2-3x farther from the tree than the drip line of the tree.  Like turfgrass, the tree roots that are active and functional are located in the upper few inches of the soil profile.  It is these shallow roots that cause problems for managers of fine-turfgrass because they directly compete for the same water and nutrients, as well as occasionally creating surface disruption including cart path raising.