Athletic Field Service Work or Golf Course Rental: 

Verti-Quake® Rotary Aerator

The Verti-Quake machine is another great way to alleviate compaction, improve water infiltration, air exchange, and produce a much healthier turfgrass soil profile.  Sometimes referred to as "vertical decompaction."  This service also requires virtually no cleanup and the field/area is ready for use after the service is completed. 

The large blades of this machine slowly enter the ground in an alternating pattern which creates both vertical and horizontal "fracturing" of the soil profile.  This "wave action" fracturing creates the air-space in the soil for roots to thrive. 

The Verti-Quake® 2515 Rotary Aerator is a tractor mounted unit that decompacts the soil using rotating steel blades which cut cleanly through the soil shattering compacted soil and opening up the subsoil.  The Verti-Quake® 2515 has a 60" working width and can work at depths up to 10-inches with little or no surface disruption.  This is the perfect unit for improving fine turf areas.