Equipment & Parts

Double 'D' Turf is the authorized distributor of the following product lines in New Jersey.

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Golfco rollers

High-quality roller upgrades for all reel and rotary mowers.  Superior durability inside and out

Woodbay Equipment

The FDS-9200 reduces thatch and allows water, air, and fertilizer to better penetrate the turf canopy.  Can also be used to scarify surfaces before seeding.

JRM Products

Unrivaled aeration tines, bedknives, rotary blades, sharpening equip.  Large selection to meet any need

Galaxy Turf Tires

The very popular Galaxy "Turf Special" Tires are made for minimizing pressure on the turf while still providing traction.

Turf Pride Equipment

Best known for the popular Core Collector, but offer other unique and helpful products for your business.

SGM Industries

The TB 220 Topdress and Grooming Brush makes filling aeration holes and working-in topdress a breeze.


TurfTime Equipment

Topdressers, Dump Trailers, De-Thatchers, and Rollers.  For Sports Fields and Golf Courses.  Manufactured in Lancaster County, PA