Drill & Fill

Improve the performance of your playing surfaces with Drill & Fill...

Golf Course Superintendents and Athletic Field Managers need control of moisture levels in their soil profile to assist them with producing consistent conditions and healthy turfgrass with deep thick roots.  Drill & Fill changes the soil profile without the cost of expensive and time consuming renovations.

Drill & Fill removes soil and incorporates new clean growing media (usually sand) to improve water infiltration, oxygen levels, gas exchange, break layering, and alleviate subsoil compaction.  The machines have a gentle footprint, applying only 9 lbs/sq. inch to the playing surface. 

The process drills a straight hole with exact dimensions and does not damage nearby roots, create inconsistent pockets of air/water, nor separate the fine soil particles within the profile as can be created by various other aeration and injection techniques.

Many of our clients invest in a long-term Drill & Fill program to change the soil profile and improve turf health.  These long-term plans are cost effective when compared to complete renovation and will not force the facility to close the playing surfaces for a long periods of time.

Surfaces are usually playable right after clean-up and rolling.  

Double 'D' Turf, LLC has quality equipment and experienced operators. 


Standard Drill & Fill Depths:  8" or 12" 

Hole Diameters:  3/4" or 15/16"

Standard Single Service Pattern:  7 1/2" on center

Close-Spacing Service Pattern:  3 3/4" by 7 1/2"