Deep tine service

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Deep Tine Service

Encouraging deeper roots early in the growing season is a good way to help turfgrass plants survive when temperatures get hot. Deep tine aeration conducted in the spring and/or fall, when cool-season turf plants naturally go through a growth period, is a great way to encourage increased root development.

Sports fields and golf courses are especially prone to compaction, making it difficult for the plants to establish a healthy and deep root system.

Deep Tine Service will improve water infiltration, air exchange, alleviate compaction, and produce a healthier turfgrass soil profile.

A solid tine is most commonly used to produce the hole or channel while fracturing the soil profile.  Since no core is removed, no cleanup is required.  Special turf tires are used to prevent surface disruption.  The playing surface is ready for use immediately after the Deep Tine Aeration is completed.