Deep Drill

Improve the performance of your playing surfaces with Deep Drill...

Deep Drill is similar to Drill & Fill but, as the name suggests, there is no fill, just drills. However, these special Deep Drill machines go deeper into the soil profile and have a tighter spacing.  (specifications at bottom of page)

Usually Deep Drill is desired by those wanting to reach subsurface drainage, such as the gravel at the bottom of golf putting greens.  As seen in the picture, a small amount of pea gravel will be brought to the surface during the drilling process.  These depths (up to 16 1/2" deep) are used to break subsurface sediment layers (or prevent them from forming)hampering the water from efficiently reaching the drainage gravel and pipe.  It also dramatically improves gas exchange.  This process is often done on greens constructed to USGA® specifications. 

Quotes from Deep Drill customers:

"Wow, I have roots like ropes!"

"They are definitely faster and firmer"

"I struggle less with the problem greens since the service" 

"My older sand-based greens perform like they're brand new"

This process does not damage nearby roots, create inconsistent pockets of air/water, nor separate the fine soil particles within the profile as can be created by various other aerification and injection techniques. The Deep Drill machines have a gentle footprint, applying only 9 lbs/sq. inch to the playing surface. 

Our clients usually become annual Deep Drillers because it works so well.  A long-term Deep Drill program will help prevent layering from occurring and keep the water flowing efficiently downward.  

After clean up and rolling, Deep Drill surfaces are playable.

Double 'D' Turf, LLC has quality equipment and experienced operators. 


Standard Deep Drill Depth:  Maximum 16 1/2" 

Hole Diameters:  5/8"

Standard Single Service Pattern:  5" on center